Welcome to the MOMS Club of Bernardsville & Basking Ridge, NJ

We are a chapter of the International MOMS Club, a nonprofit organization specifically designed for at-home mothers everywhere. We are a support group designed just for you, the at-home mother of today! The MOMS Club of Bernardsville & Basking Ridge, NJ is a wonderful way to meet other at-home moms who share your interests and concerns. We include mothers of all ages, as well as those who work out of their homes or work part-time.

The MOMS Club is unique in that we welcome children in all of our activities. We believe that having our children around us is a natural part of being a mother. Mothering shouldn't isolate us from the community! Most of our activities are held during the day, when at-home Moms need the most support.

In addition to weekly activities, we offer playgroups for children and older and/or younger siblings are always welcome. We also have a monthly MOMS Night Out. Each year our members participate in a service project that benefits the children or families of our community.

Not only is MOMS Club an excellent chance to get out and meet other moms just like yourself, it is a wonderful way for you and your children to get out into the community and make some great friends!

Our chapter, the MOMS Club of Bernardsville & Basking Ridge, NJ covers Bernardsville, Basking Ridge, Far Hills, and Peapack-Gladstone. To join, email us at bernardsvillebrmomsclub@gmail.com.

Membership Benefits

Membership includes a monthly newsletter. We also provide members with a directory listing members and spouses' names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, children's names and birthdays. Members may receive free meals / babysitting from our helping hands committee during family emergencies. Members may also place ads for items or personal businesses in the newsletter. New members are invited to new member coffees where they meet the executive board and learn more about the Club. Upon joining, each member is invited to join a playgroup with her children. Each playgroup is responsible for helping to organize the Club’s calendar. In this way, every member is responsible for making the club run, having a say in what activities are planned, and offering support for members.

The monthly newsletter describes activities and announcements for the month and lists officers and coordinators phone numbers. The newsletter also includes a calendar of events, playgroup info, a community service corner, a spotlight moms section, classifieds, new member info, recipes from the cooking group, new baby news, and member and children's birthdays for that month.