Am I allowed to bring my child(ren) to ALL the activities?
YES, At all activities*, playgroups, meetings, etc. your child(ren) is/are welcome. This group is for you as much as it is for them! --*While children are welcome at all MOMS Club functions, we encourage mothers to allow fathers or other caregivers the opportunity to bond with the children one night a month while they attend MOMS Night Out. Moms will usually meet for dinner, a movie, a pottery class etc.

How much is it to join?
Our membership fee is twenty dollars a year. This covers our operating cost, the cost of renting any facilities, copies, postage, etc and subsidizes our yearly fundraising drive.

How do I join?
Click on the "Join" link in the menu at the top of this page for more information on joining.

Do I have to attend every activity?
That's the beauty of the MOMS Club; although we would love for every member to attend everything, we know as mothers sometimes that is not realistic. After joining the MOMS Club you can choose to do all the events in one week, or maybe you can only make 2 events in a month. It's totally up to you.

I would like to come to a meeting and check it out to see if right for me. Can I?
Sure! Contact us and we'll send you information about our next event. Bring a friend, check it out, and see if the Club is right for you!

I would like to join but I only have an infant who really cannot play yet – should I wait to join?
Even though your baby is small, you can still come to all activities. The MOMS Club is to support you, so come out and meet other moms, socialize and enjoy your time. You'll make great connections that will grow as your baby grows!

Can I continue to participate once my child(ren) is/are in school?
Absolutely. We encourage all of our members to remain active and new members to join our group after their children have reached school age. We realize that the need for support does not end when children begin school.

I work part time, can I still be part of this group for stay at home moms?
Certainly. We'll send you the calendar so you can find activities that fit with your schedule.

Who arranges the activities?
The members of the club volunteer to host any activity they are interested in. Calendars are put together monthly.

I do not live in Bernardsville or Basking Ridge. Can I still join the MOMS Club of Bernardsville & Basking Ridge?
We would love to have you, but first contact the International MOMS Club at MOMSClub@aol.com to find out if we are your closest Chapter.